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Family Vacation 2011 102

This is the sunset from our first full day on the island. Cheri and I visited this location 5 and a half years ago during our honeymoon. What a great opportunity it was to return with Tovin and a chance to play in the sun and sand once again!

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Family Vacation 2011 101

Well, after a 12 hour or so with flights and layovers we made it to Kauai.  On our first day we went to the beach which was just a few minutes from our front door.

Here’s Tovin enjoying the outdoors.  So as to avoid sunburn the light on his face was artificially created with an sb-900.

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Family Vacation 2011 100

Tovin waiting at SEATAC for his first “oceanic” flight.

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I’m slowly making my way through the rest of the trip and enjoying the memories.  More photographs from this trip are soon to show up here sooner or later.  🙂

Taking a Break

I’ve been posting every weekday since February and I’m tired and worn out so I’m taking the rest of the year off.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

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Evening Light 105

A nearly full moon rises above Birch Lake, Alaska in the fall of 2010.  It’s reflection can been seen in the calm lake waters below.

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