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love the silhouette of this man on a flight i was on recently.

mytoesarecold gallery series

mytoesarecold gallery series

he was probably 60 or 70 and was reading a book on WW2.  being that age he probably wasn’t in the war.  i could only imagine what was going through his head.

shooting something like this can be accomplished several ways.  one is to just crank up your shutter speed manually so not much light gets to the sensor.  or, two, you can spot meter off of his glasses and get exposure values that will make his glasses the only thing that shows up because they are so bright!  of course with the second option the camera is automatically cranking up our shutter speed just like in option one.  i choose option two (spot metering) because i didn’t want to think about how fast my shutter speed was going to need to be to get the silhouette so i let the camera figure it out.  🙂

This would be in line with advanced exposure techniques which Scott Bourne discussed over at fotophocus.