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Category Archives: Cokin P 164 Circular Polarizer

Straight from the Camera RAW

Love this shot.  Shot at 90 degrees from the shining sun the polarizer had its greatest affect on the blue sky.  The sun was obviously from the left and the not so obvious sb-900 (doubly diffused) from the right, just out of the frame to fill in the shadows.  I experimented with different f-stops but […]

August 2010 Alaska Photo Workshop: Maclaren River Edition Day Two

Wow morning came early!  The alarm went off at 3:56am and I didn’t want to move.  But, alas, photographs wouldn’t wait.  A few minutes and a Starbucks Vanilla Frappachino later the rest of the gang met us in the van to head out to the bluff at the other end of the valley. Was it […]

August 2010 Alaska Photo Workshop: Maclaren River Edition

Wow!!!!  What a blast we had this weekend!!  Can you tell we had a good time?  🙂 We had some great participants who asked TONS of great questions and shot some marvelous photographs. We started out at this great field in Delta Junction taking photographs of hay bails and whatever else caught our eye. We […]

denali from a distance

denali is in the background (as is mt. foraker).  i decided to put something in the forground to “spice” things up a bit. i used the wireless commander mode on the d90 to trigger the gelled sb-900.  i had tried lighting the tundra weed from the left side but it didn’t do the scene justice.  […]

more from lake minchumina

here’s a shot of mt. foraker and dad (and juliet) at lake minchumina and now all of us including cujo!  this shot had the sb-900 and sb-600 on camera left to give some fill light.  the sun was setting to the right and was extremely hard.  I wanted a more soft affect but didn’t have […]