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Category Archives: Nikon 24-85mm f/2.8-4

Family Vacation 2011 102

This is the sunset from our first full day on the island. Cheri and I visited this location 5 and a half years ago during our honeymoon. What a great opportunity it was to return with Tovin and a chance to play in the sun and sand once again!

Family Vacation 2011 101

Well, after a 12 hour or so with flights and layovers we made it to Kauai.  On our first day we went to the beach which was just a few minutes from our front door. Here’s Tovin enjoying the outdoors.  So as to avoid sunburn the light on his face was artificially created with an […]

Environmental Portraiture 101

There’s something about mixing ambient natural light with a little small flash.  I’m still working on my technique but I like how this little project turned out. Camera on full manual to adjust for ambient sky light. Only after the sky looks good do we begin with the flash.  Flash set to TTL. This is […]

Haiku 101

Beautiful, Classy Intelligent, Smart Alec Best Friend, Forever Without you, blurry Blurry is my vision, blurry I need you Cheri

Derek and Rosalie 11

This is the last shot I’ll share from Derek and Rosalie’s wedding for now.  Kind of a nice parting shot.  Fun was had by all as you can see from the photograph.