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Category Archives: Speedlights

Family Vacation 2011 101

Well, after a 12 hour or so with flights and layovers we made it to Kauai.  On our first day we went to the beach which was just a few minutes from our front door. Here’s Tovin enjoying the outdoors.  So as to avoid sunburn the light on his face was artificially created with an […]

Straight from the Camera RAW

Love this shot.  Shot at 90 degrees from the shining sun the polarizer had its greatest affect on the blue sky.  The sun was obviously from the left and the not so obvious sb-900 (doubly diffused) from the right, just out of the frame to fill in the shadows.  I experimented with different f-stops but […]

November 2010 Alaska Photo Workshop: Portrait Edition

This is going to be a fantastic little workshop! This is just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season and boy is this going to be fun.  We’ll be covering how to take informal portraits in a dimly lit area (Can you say middle of the winter in a dark house?).  Well, instead of […]

Jeff & Kim: the Shoes

Here are her shoes in the photo tent along with the reflective base for good measure.

Jeff & Kim: the Rings

The rings, sepia style.  Lit with the photo tent and light sources from the left side.