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Category Archives: Thoughts About Gear

November 2010 Alaska Photo Workshop: Portrait Edition

This is going to be a fantastic little workshop! This is just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season and boy is this going to be fun.  We’ll be covering how to take informal portraits in a dimly lit area (Can you say middle of the winter in a dark house?).  Well, instead of […]

Follow the Leader

If you want to get into something you should follow the leaders of the pack.  Here are the shooters I follow. For landscapes and wildlife: Moose Peterson Jake Peterson Laurie Excell (Laurie is the one that Ducky and I shot with down in Oregon) Kevin Dobler For weddings/portraits: Susan Stripling Sallee Photography Photography business related: […]

Photography Gear Advice

If you’re looking to purchase your first DSLR in the near future here’s something to consider.  Don’t worry so much about what brand of camera you’re going to get, but rather, ask your friends who already own a DSLR these questions: Do they like the DSLR they currently own. If they answer yes, ask them […]

camera (and gear) reviews

one thing you would certainly want to do before going out and buying expensive gear is finding out everything you can about it.  one place i go for great reviews is  they review just about all of the camera makers who come out with camera bodies, lenses, etc. be sure to check them out! […]

what kind of camera would you recommend?

i hear this question alot, so i’d like to answer it here.  (this discussion is specific to dSLRs but can also be applied to the “point and shoot” class of cameras as well) there are exceptions to every rule, but please allow me to make a broad generalization.  for most people, in most situations a […]