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Evening Light 101

The magical light beams slowly flicker out over the town of Fairbanks, Alaska.  This is the scene from my front porch looking west.  It’s sometimes hard to see the beauty in your own front yard so I’ve begun to look harder.

Environmental Portraiture 104

Absolutely love the smile on her face.  That makes me smile.  🙂 What a good photo session!  It’s not every day you get to make out with your model on the set!!!  🙂

Environmental Portraiture 103

Cheri did a great job at getting the light right where it needed to be in this photograph.  Good job!!  🙂 The light in the sky at this point was disappearing fast so there wasn’t much color left.

Environmental Portraiture 102

I had to pinch Cheri pretty good to get the tears but it was worth it.  Ok, so, maybe I didn’t pinch her.  🙂 I do love the tears though because they are genuine and heart felt.  I also love the color in the sky and warm light on her face.

Environmental Portraiture 101

There’s something about mixing ambient natural light with a little small flash.  I’m still working on my technique but I like how this little project turned out. Camera on full manual to adjust for ambient sky light. Only after the sky looks good do we begin with the flash.  Flash set to TTL. This is […]