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Birch Trees 04

I liked this particular shot because it shows a different angle of the primary tree coming into the photograph.  I also like the blue and gold combination.

Birch Trees 03

Another photograph where I like the play of light and shadow.  This time though it’s focused on one tree rising from the right.  Light and shadow plays a role in many aspects of life: creativity, art, spirituality, writing.  I think JRR Tolkien did a great job at depicting the depth and nuances of both in […]

Experimentation 04

I’ve often wondered how people get wild, crazy, and other worldly colors in their photographs.  One way to achieve surreal results is to use a custom White Balance.  Most modern digital SLRs allow you to do just that. Here’s one from a pond just down the street.  The wind was blowing slightly so the cat […]

Birch Trees 02

Gone are the days of fall of 2010 here in North Pole, Alaska.  Snow flew on October 6, 2010 and all but a few of the leaves have found their new home on the ground.

Experimentation 03

Experimenting again.  White Balance is a tricky thing because it changes different colors in different ways. Here’s 6 photos.  My goal was to get the sky to be as close to the real thing as possible.  Which one was actually the closest?  It wasn’t the last one.  Or second to last.  It was the third […]