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Family Vacation 2011 100

Tovin waiting at SEATAC for his first “oceanic” flight. I’m slowly making my way through the rest of the trip and enjoying the memories.  More photographs from this trip are soon to show up here sooner or later.  🙂

Tovin Shoot 10

This has got to be my favorite shot of the year. Pro: blue shirt Pro: blue passifier Pro: blue baby hat Pro: Dune eyes It doesn’t get better than this.

Tovin Shoot 09

Pro: passifier is blue. Pro: so is my shirt. Con: my bald spot.  🙂 Again, I like the selective color and hi-key elements to this photograph but I especially like that Tovin likes to cuddle!

Tovin Shoot 08

I’m a sucker for selective color imagery.  This one I liked though because of the kiss.

Tovin Shoot 07

Nope, it’s not photoshopped.    That’s a real reflection thanks to some “plexi” glass that Ducky now has in his studio.  It’s pretty cool stuff if you ask me.